Save the Children in Greece

#SOS #SaveOurSmile

No child in Greece should become a victim of this crisis!

No child should be left without food, vaccination, medical care or welfare support. No child or family should be left alone and without a future!

Unfortunately, 700.000 children are currently running the risk of poverty in Greece. Unfortunately, every day more and more children and families are running the risk of becoming victims of the worst financial and social effects of this crisis!

“The Smile of the Child” has supported more than 1 million children and families through welfare, medical care and direct intervention activities in 20 years of internationally recognized work and thanks to the support of the Greek society.

However, today people in Greece are no longer able to continue supporting us! People in Greece that were supporting us until yesterday, today find themselves and their children in need of our support and assistance!

Children victims of abuse & sexual exploitation, migrant unaccompanied minors, children victims of trafficking, 365 children that are living in our Community Homes, children that are running the risk of becoming victims in crisis-hit Greece, they all need your immediate help!

The only way for our Organization and the thousands of children in need to survive is for YOU to support us.

DONATE NOW for all children and families living in Greece!

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